piraya profile


Scientific name: 
Pygocentrus piraya

Common name: Flamed Piranha, Rio Sao Fransico Piranha

Size:  upto 24"  allthough in the aquarium sizes over 15 inch is rare

Origin: Rio Sao Francisco Brazil only

Minimum Tank Size:40 Gallons for one , best kept in shoals of 3 or more in large aquaria at least 100 gallons,allthough many have had great success in keeping them solo.

Temperament: Aggressive, considered dangerous to man

Compatibility: Best suited to large tanks and in numbers of 3 or more, they can sometimes get on with other fish ie plecostomus, but more often than not any tankmates will be eaten sooner or later, they have been kept with other Pygocentrus species with reasonable success, but with piranhas their are no guarantees and they may even eat each other.

Water Type: Freshwater

Temperature: 75 to 82° F

pH:  (6.5-7.5)

Breeding: Breeding in the home aquarium is unheard of

Feeding: Mainly carnivorous, feed a varied diet of meat, fish, and processed fish foods